Summer visits to the nursery in her hometown hold a golden place our founder, Danae's mind. Wandering down the rows of plants, the shocking delight of the overhead watering system offering up it's cooling mist, and her mother recounting the names as she asked about what seemed like every plant filling up those green houses.

From that small town in Wyoming, to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, and now the rambling deserts of Southern California, each place Danae has lived has brought many new plants her way, but the joy of exploring a greenhouse, botanical garden, or even the plant section in the hardware store hasn't worn off. 

It's from that place of wonder and joy that Folia Collective has sprung up. We hope that through our shop, workshops, and plant focused interior design services, you will find the life that plants can add to you and your home. 




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Folia on the move FAQ

Folia on the move FAQ

Q: Why is the shop moving?

A: A number of reasons, mainly- we need more space! If you’ve shopped with us on a busy day, you know that our tiny shop becomes pretty chaotic when there are more than a few people in and we also don’t have enough room for all the product we’d like to be able to offer you. We’re also excited to consolidate our office/stock room space into the same building as the shop, and have room in the store to hold workshops and events!

Q: Where is the shop moving to?

A: Just a short drive away to the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles! We’re excited to get to know our new neighbors and connect with the community in Eagle Rock, while not being too far away from our Pasadena friends. Our new address is 5117 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90041.

Q: When will the move happen?

A: The new store will open on Saturday, November 10th at 11am!

Q: Are you keeping the current location open?

A: No. We thought long and hard about this, and decided that in order to serve everyone best, it makes the most sense to have one larger flagship location, rather than keep the original shop space open as well. It was a hard decision as we will very much miss our regulars and neighbors at the current location, but we hope that we’ll still see everyone (at least from time to time) at the new shop!

Q: Will the Pasadena shop close before the new location opens?

A: Yes, our last day in Pasadena will be Wed, Nov 7th, giving us a few days to move fixtures and product over to the new space.

Q: Will your hours change?

A: As of right now, we plan to keep the same hours. Once we settle into Eagle Rock and see how the needs of customers and foot traffic patterns differ over there, we will consider changes if needed. We will likely have extended hours for part of the holiday season.

Q: What changes can I expect with the move?

A: The new space will allow us to offer more plants (we’ll have room for trees finally!); a wider selection of planters, tools, and home goods; more workshops and events (and space to hold them in); and better customer service since we’ll have more space for you to shop in, and space to hold deeper back stock of items (less running out of items). We’re also excited to add in some fun things like a new ‘Instagram moment’ for you to take photos of/in, and an even more beautiful space overall.

Q: Will you have a moving sale?

A: Yes (sort of)! Our Seconds Sale begins Thursday, Nov 1st and extends until the Pasadena shop closes on Wed, Nov 7th (while supplies last, of course).

Q: How can I follow along on the progress of the new space?

A: We’ll be updating Instagram stories regularly with our progress as we transform the space into the Folia Flagship! Follow the #FoliaFlagship for all the news!



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