Photo:  Katri Kapanen  via stylist  A Dada . 

Photo: Katri Kapanen via stylist A Dada

Affordable, stylish planters can be hard to come by- sometimes it feels like we're on a perpetual mission to find some. Thankfully, always affordable IKEA has been killing it with their planters and other plant-related accessories lately...

From the terra cotta planters with extra deep saucers (and drainage- a rarity at IKEA) that they released last year, to their Satsumas line of plant stands that came out earlier this year, the options have been getting better and better. It came as no surprise then, when we spotted their new Anvåndbar collection the other day, which includes these simple and stylish self-watering terra cotta planters, and some very rad macrame hanging planters, among numerous other pretty things. 

What are your favorite spots for affordable, good looking homes for your plants? Leave us a comment- we're always looking for new sources!