You can walk past something a million times and never really see it. Growing up in Laramie, Wyoming, and later attending the University of Wyoming there, I probably walked by the Williams Conservatory countless times. And while I occasionally would look at the ever-steamed up windows and wonder what botanical goodness might be beyond them, I never attempted to find out more. 

Thankfully, on a visit to Laramie a few months ago, I looked up the conservatory online and discovered, to my surprise, that it was open to the public. We popped by on a sunny afternoon to explore. 

There's a wildness to this conservatory- like a botanist and a crazy plant lady built a lab together- and I love it. Discovering they even have a few tables, which they welcome students to study at, really had me lamenting my failure to explore during my college days- what a welcome reprieve this place would have been from the often stunningly cold winters in Laramie!